Monday, 26 September 2011

An A-Z of me!

I have stolen this idea from a lovely fellow blogger Straight Talking Mama, as it already came with the prompts and I thought it tied in perfectly to my last few posts and gives you a better idea of the woman behind Redressing. So here goes!

A- Age: 39 (40 this November!)

B- Bed Size: King (with 3 kids you may need room to share.)

C-Chore that you hate: Cleaning the loo (doesn't everyone?!)

D- Dogs: Having 'borrowed' a friend's dog for a few days the other week who was so easy and fun that we actually found any other dog is probably a bit more than we have time for right now but will certainly re-visit the idea.

E-Essential start to your day: Prayer and strong coffee (and quite often a visit from my friend Raych from Tag & Button).

F-Favourite Colour: Green, definitely.

G- Gold or Silver: Silver. (As a colour analysis professional I know that silver is best on me. I can look with you at what colours you should be wearing for £5!)

H- Height: About 5ft 5.5" I think, although I usually wear heels.

I- Instruments you play: None. (Sorry!)

J- Job Title: Owner and inspired creater of Redressing. An online shop providing beautiful vintage & contemporary style pre-loved dresses to all women everywhere who deserve to look and feel utterly gorgeous! (I am also available daytime or evenings for you to host a Redressing evening where we come to you complete with over 150 fetching frocks and gorgeous gowns! Read more about that here!)

K- Kids: 3 gorgeous girls aged between 12 and 5. They delight my heart.

L- Live: Coventry, UK. A mad ring road and easy access to anywhere and everywhere! A City of hope and reconciliation.

M- Mother's Name: Joan (suddenly fashionable again post 'Mad Men'!)

N- Nickname: Ange or Angie. (My gorgeous husband has a few other pet names but they are ours and ours alone! After 17 years of marriage he is still so The One.)

O- Overnight hospital stays: Childbirth, a case of suspected meningitis of my middle daughter who was 2 months old and a broken ankle aged 14.

P- Pet peeves: Slurping tea! Even though I'm a Northerner, I can't abide slurped tea.

Q- Quote from a movie: Donkey to Shrek "Everybody has layers!" (not my fav film but I agree with the sentiment!)

R- Right or Left handed: Right

S- Siblings: One fab brother who now lives in Sydney... we miss him and family A LOT!

T- Time you wake up: 7ish. Eldest daughter is at Secondary so leaves early- we like to pray with her before she goes so are up although I don't leave the house until 8.30.

U- Underwear: Yes, always wear it!

V- Vegetable you hate: Avocado ( is it a veg?) don't hate it but it hates me so is best avoided at all costs.

W- What makes you run late: Bad planning and no alarm clock! Am not usually late.

X-Xrays you've had: Ankle and chest. Oh, and teeth. Do teeth count?

Y- Yummy food that you make: That would have to be cake, bacon & egg mini tartlets, meatballs and pancakes. (Don't make all that much else!!!)

Z- Zoo Animal: I can't remember the last time I went to the zoo! Not a huge fan, can I have an aquarium animal instead? In that case, Dophins.

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