Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Vintage Christmas

I've often wondered whether Christmas of yesteryear embodied the real spirit of Christmas anymore than it is today? I guess people had less so they gave less, or was it that handmade, homemade and grown/baked gifts were more the custom?
Maybe that's the true spirit of Christmas, to give someone a gift which has cost you more in time, thought and love than it has in financial cost alone? It's certainly easy to pop to the shops, pick up a fun, clever and witty gift but does that gift represent you, the giver?

What might you buy or make for someone today which costs you more in time than in money? Would you bake? Make? Knit? Sew? Craft? Or would you buy something pre-loved? Pre-Owned? Secondhand? Used? Is the value of a gift in the fact that it's new? Or is it really in the thought you've gone to to find the very thing that you know that person is going to love?......clearly if it's vintage it is going to be pre-loved.....but what if it's not 'authentic' vintage? What if it is simply 'already been given' before? But isn't that really the true spirit of Christmas? Hasn't the 'gift' of Jesus already been given before? In fact, isn't it given every single year on December 25th?! So really there's no problem in giving a gift which isn't brand long as it's cost you more in time and real thought than it did in long as it actually represents you and is utterly perfect for the one who will be opening it on Christmas morning?!

So, Vintage Christmas....if vintage is 'representing the high quality of a past time' (dictionary reference), than couldn't we say that if Christmas itself represents the highest quality of a past event, then Christmas is in fact really, truly and authentically Vintage?!

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