Wednesday, 1 December 2010

So, what's the deal with Vintage?

So, Vintage. What's the deal with that then?
Well, Vintage is used to describe almost anything that is or can be old fashioned. We have always looked at 'yesteryear' with a kind of nostalgia- a rose-tinted view that everything from bygone eras was somehow better, more authentic or idyllic. Whether this is the case or not is really a bit irrelevant; the fact that we yearn after the decades past is actually all about the values, or principles those bygone days held.

Take the 1940s for example....we admire the 'wartime spirit', the social reforms developed through the Women's land army or the need for women in the work force. We love the clothing of the day; Glenn Miller, tea dances and the stunning hairdo's, but in reality, living back then with War, rationing, major class divide and no central heating was perhaps not quite the way we'd actually like to live our lives! But what of the values? Marriage was intentionally entered into with a long term view; pride in where you worked and who you worked for was evident; Law and order was respected, adhered to and encouraged and women knew how to dress to be attractive, feminine and strong.
 I know many of the changes in the decades past were extremely necessary and we benefit greatly today, but let's remember the values, traditions and principles of those bygone days and treasure their truths as we dress ourselves as modern women of the 21st century in dresses evocative of a bygone era, and we hanker after vintage and vintage inspired clothing to take us back into those days of love, truth, sincerity and honour, as well as enjoying our careers, social equality and central heating!!!!

Va Va Vintage girls- you know you look good when your internal shape is as full of accurate values as your external appearance is gorgeously vintage!

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