Monday, 23 January 2012

Vintage Inspiration: 40s/50s from the High Street!

Friday's post left me thinking about capsule wardrobes and how the knowledge and possession of a few key pieces can turn an ordinary high street wardrobe into a Vintage chic one. This months Vintage Life Magazine ran an article on a 50s capsule wardrobe and many fellow bloggers have been posting away on this very theme!
If you're new to the Vintage world or simply want style guidelines to keep your wardrobe representing days gone by then this information is key. I've found a great blog post from Tuppence Ha'penny vintage which details a capsule vintage wardrobe beautifully (and saved me all that hard work, thanks Charlotte!) check it out here.
1949 capsule wardrobe
It's easier than you might think to have create a vintage look from the High Street and your existing wardrobe. I have found that it's good to mix and match some reproduction vintage in with your own kit as these clothes are often cut from original patterns yet are made in contemporary fabrics and will fit well and wash and wear.
My Vintage Glove collection
 It's often attention to detail which also creates a vintage look. Whether it's hair, make-up or gloves and shoes, little details make a big difference. This is where some knowledge about differing decades is important as styles changed quickly just like they do today. Some decades lean into one another such as the New Wave of late 40s early 50s, yet others are more distinct. A 60s mod mini-dress was considered out of fashion by the mid 70s when the maxi was making it's appearance.
Sometimes a vintage inspired wardrobe can be created with pattern as much as authentic cut. I love the Cath Kidston nod to the 40s take on florals. Her dresses are quite contemporary yet when teamed with vintage style accessories turn modern clothes into echoes of yesteryear. See?...
1940s style in a Cath Kidston dress, thrifted cardi, New Look beret, Vintage brooch

I've even managed a predominantly Primark 1950s style outfit (although I did go for more vintage styled shoes!
1950s style in a Primark shirt (thrifted) Primark pencil skirt, New Look shoes

And of course not forgetting my fabulous Heyday 40s trousers. I teamed them here with a Peacocks cardi as it has the (faux) fur and puffed shoulders that are evocative of that era.
1940s style trousers from Heyday Vintage Style
 Remember we are stewarding well this year so don't be tempted to chuck out the entire contents of your wardrobe- you may well be able to make them work for you. If you use the ancient method of listing the contents of your wardrobe into categories and colours then it's easy to see where you have gaps. Save up, sell on or recycle and fill your gaps with authentic or repro vintage. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day!
Have fun experimenting- if you'd like to send me any pics of your capsule wardrobe or fav vintage looks, I'd love to see them.

(B&W Image used with kind permission from Tuppence Ha'Penny Vintage)

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