Monday, 14 November 2011

Outfit post: Swing when you're winning!

I haven't blogged an outfit post for a little while so here's one for you!
Dress: Et Vous, Shrug: thrifted, Shoes: Brantano
This is a gorgeous swing dress which I picked up in a sale in the summer. I'm wearing it with a little black shrug as it's a sleeveless dress and it was chilly. I love wearing summer dresses way beyond their intended season- after all Make Do And Mend is the 40s mantra!

What I like about this dress is its nod to vintage 50s styling in both the cut (nipped in waist & full skirt albeit shorter!) and it's floral print. It has so many wonderful colours that it goes with ALL my Mary Jane shoes which is no mean feat!

I wore this on the evening of my birthday last week out for a meal with the rest of the family. As you can see, we had quite a few laughs and a free glass of champagne! Still, not every day one turns 40!
Happy Birthday to me!

I always Swing when I'm winning!
Don't forget Ladies night on Friday! £3 per ticket (available from my good self!) and if you buy a 50p raffle ticket you are in with a chance of modelling with us on the catwalk!


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