Thursday, 5 May 2011

Dresses to Impress:The A to Z of fabulous frocks and gorgeous gowns...I

I is for Individuality

Individuality in your sense of style is the key to fashion success. Even though every High Street retailer stocks exactly the same clothing, we as modern women are not sausage machines! The key to creating an individual look is easy and does not have to mean freaky, eccentric or just plain weird. Instead taking the mainstream direction of fashion but adding a little bit of your own personality results in that individual look which makes you stylish and chic.
 Sometimes it's hard to find something original in these heady days of fast, mass produced fashion, but by adding your own touch to high street stock is definitely the way to go.

For some of you it may not actually be the clothes which give you an individuality to your style it might be always wearing your hair in the same way,or your choice of garments (one piece or two), or even the height of your heels!

You may (as I do) have a preference for a certain decade of clothing but owning an entire wardrobe full of authentic or repro vintage dresses doesn't give you style in and of itself! As a very wise woman once said to me (my Mum!), 'it's not what you wear, rather how you wear it'!
 The next time you find yourself flummoxed by the myriad of fast fashion, remember, it only takes one or two key pieces worn with something that is most very definitely you and you alone, and you have the makings of individual style! Stand up straight, be proud of who you are and what you wear and be seen as someone with a sense of style and inner confidence! Remember, you are gorgeous no matter what your style, shape or size!

Til next time....x

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