Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Successful style mixing.....the art of hinting at a bygone era!

It can be tricky to suddenly morph from ordinary, usual, run of the mill fashion conscious wife/mother/office gal into vintage style fashionista....but, not impossible!

I have only recently embraced externally my inner love of vintage and retro as I have sourced more and more vintage inspired dresses for the website and wanting to wear them all! But how to move from jeans and T-shirts into tea dresses and pencil skirts?! Actually, it hasn't been that hard. Firstly, as the main promoter of Redressing I began to wear more and more dresses; dresses over jeans, dresses with leggings, dresses and tights....then I stumbled upon the 'Think Frock It's Friday' section of the glorious lottie loves blog. This was quickly followed by a dawning realisation that I could embrace my inner Vintage siren without suddenly having hair extensions (in order to create bangs!) or throwing out my jeans (especially when I have to walk everywhere and it's been freezing!) So, what did I do?
 Well it began I suppose last summer with the heatwave when halterneck 50s style full skirted dresses hit my radar. (The dress above was one of my first). I was complimented every time I wore one and it spiralled from there. Although I love all bygone eras, I think it's got to be the 40s and 50s which inspire me most as I've rambled on about in earlier posts as I really hold the values promoted back then about marriage and family in particular! It became easy to pick up little matching cardies and vintage style shoes and as as lover of hair accessories I jumped onto the flower clip like a leitmotif and wear one virtually everyday!
 I tried to think about what aspects of vintage style I liked and brought some of those into my everyday wardrobe. The fact that I sell regular, everyday dresses helps- especially when it's so easy to create a vintage inspired outfit using a regular dress which you know will fit you!

So, if you're thinking of embracing your inner 40s siren or 50s domestic Goddess externally- go for it! Especially when the values held in the past are alive and kicking in your present!

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